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  • Chelsea Nyomi

1-on-1 Interview: Alexis

Multifaceted creative, Alexis, shares her vision for Toronto's art scene.

Alexis is a multifaceted creative in Toronto who expresses her abilities through custom-made clothing, styling, makeup, modeling, and creative directing.

“My mind is constantly looking for inspiration, and usually subconsciously. Everything has a vibe to it, or an aura, and I relate to that in a different way for everything. The way I tap into my creative zone is through nature. I just look at anything that really inspires me. Often times I get my best ideas from observing things incorrectly”

We sat down 1-on-1 with Alexis (Instagram: @lextheplantmom) to hear what she had to say about styling, creativity in Toronto, and where she grabs her inspiration from.

Watch the interview here:

Videography performed by Chelsea Nyomi (Instagram: @chelsea.nyomi)

Interview conducted by Sean Gardiner (Instagram: @_seangardiner)

January, 2020


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