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  • Chelsea Nyomi

Cultured Reflections: The 1.5-Gen

This project was a multi-media art and interactive video installation that explored the factors that contribute to identity formation in 1.5-generation Canadian artists, which are people who were born outside of Canada but immigrated to Canada during their childhood or adolescence.

Cultured Reflections: The 1.5-Gen drew on interviews with six emerging artists of diverse cultural and artistic backgrounds to address the impacts of migration on the sense of belonging and the experiences of living in culturally diverse Canada.

The main characters are Cheyenne Gold, Denirée Isabel, Raia Fernandes, Rea Sweets, Tamara Masa Vojinovic, and Wandy Cheng. All participants are female, under the age of thirty, and migrated to Canada during childhood or adolescence, which categorizes them as 1.5-generation Canadians.

Cheyenne is a dancer from Trinidad & Tobago, Denirée is a textile artist from Venezuela, Raia is a musician from India, Rea is a Filipino-Mexican digital artist, Tamara is a film photographer from Serbia, and Wandy is a painter and illustrator from Hong Kong. These participants are the primary source of research to address the question: How do 1.5-Generation Canadian artists form a sense of identity as they live between two cultures and navigate their artistic careers?

The final presentation was a docuseries of six episodes (one for each artist) that I filmed and edited myself. In addition to this, I curated select artworks from the six artists to be displayed in the gallery. The installation showed both the artworks and the video interviews for the six participants.

Trailer (for the docuseries):

The runtime of the docuseries is 58.5 minutes.

Interactivity: by clicking on a tablet, gallery attendees had the option to select an episode to watch on a projected screen.

Installation Images

The Installation ran from June 22 - July 16 at Artspace TMU gallery, located in the 401 Richmond St West building in downtown Toronto, Ontario.


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