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  • Chelsea Nyomi

Wild Thoughts

Collaboration inspired by Rihanna

Photo reads: A photo series that mimics the style of the 'Wild Thoughts' music video. Inspired by a digital sketch of Rihanna illustrated by Ashley Monique.

When I'm with you all I get is wild thoughts

These photos made use of vibrant lights and decorative flora to capture the essence of inspiration, portray the energy on set, and emulate scenes from 'Wild Thoughts'.

See the photos here:

Model: Jonelle Calder (Instagram: @jcaalder)

Photographer: Jhustin Legere (Instagram: @jhustin.raw)

Creative Direction: Chelsea Nyomi (Instagram: @chelsea.nyomi)

Digital Sketch: Ashley Monique (Instagram: @hiashleymonique)

December, 2018


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