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Chelsea Nyomi is a Toronto-based, multidisciplinary creative focused on visual storytelling through film/video, photography, graphic design, and writing. Her primary industry is film & television, where she works as a writer-director and video editor with documentary and scripted content.


As a freelance photographer, she makes analog and digital images, focusing on documentary, architectural, landscape, and environmental photography. 

In 2019, Chelsea founded Vagus Creatives, a platform that globally celebrates and supports artists and creative entrepreneurs across various industries ( 


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About Me

I am a Jamaican-Canadian creative drawn to stories about arts, culture, and identity. I tend to share stories about marginalized and underrepresented communities. My work is situated in themes of belonging, self-exploration, and reflection. I aim to infuse emotion throughout her work, opting for moments and themes of warmth, passion, or high energy.

I also like stories that are comedic in nature or have a thrilling twist. I am a dreamer; I like to conceptualize worlds with alternative realities, blending the absurd with science fiction. This stems from my education in science, which I am fascinated by. 

I received my Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences with a specialization in Neuroscience from Queen's University (2018), then went on to study Broadcast Television & Videography at Humber College, receiving my diploma in 2020. 

Later that year, I began my studies in Documentary Media and received my Master of Fine Arts from Toronto Metropolitan University (2022) and a Master of Digital Media in 2023, also from Toronto Metropolitan University. 

I am a gifted, highly curious individual driven by philosophy, human nature, societal progression, and introspective feelings. I strive to make an impact on those who encounter my creations, whether that be emotional, intellectual, or spiritual.

Being a multidisciplinary artist has given me the freedom to express myself in different ways. 

Find me on LinkedIn: @chelsea-nyomi

Instagram: @chelsea.nyomi


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