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  • Chelsea Nyomi

Generations of Home

Generations of Home is a quest into Toronto’s Jamaican community, specifically the Little Jamaica neighbourhood on Eglinton West and its evolution over time. This heartfelt story highlights Jamaican people’s significant contributions to Toronto’s culture and celebrates the preservation of Jamaican culture after migrants recreate areas of Canada to resemble ‘back home’.

Written and Directed by Jamaican-Canadiam filmmaker, Chelsea Nyomi, this documentary film shows the strength of the Jamaican-Canadian community and its resilience to the decade-long construction on Eglinton Avenue West, which has forced many businesses to permanently close or relocate. Little Jamaica began in the 1960s after an influx of immigrants from the Caribbean to Toronto. Although gentrification forced many of the original Caribbean inhabitants out of the area, Little Jamaica still shines today.

Gentrification is used to displace marginalized communities. Similar to how Nova Scotia's Africville was a vibrant community home to many Black people, Little Jamaica is a place for Black Caribbeans to congregate, preserve their culture, and economically support each other. Sadly, Africville no longer exists as the original inhabitants were forced to relocate. Little Jamaica does not have to share the same fate, and raising awareness about this community can prevent history from repeating itself.

BTS photos from production days:

BTS video of Chelsea talking to the dancers:

Premiere: Toronto Black Film Festival, 2023

Additional Screenings:

Halifax Black Film Festival, 2023

Ottawa Black Film Festival, 2023

Calgary Black Film Festival, 2023

Montreal Black Film Festival, 2023

Vancouver Black Film Festival, 2023

To request a screening link of the film, please email

Runtime: 8 minutes

Languages: English; Jamaican Patois

Writer-Director: Chelsea Nyomi (Instagram: @chelsea.nyomi)

Production Company: True Sail Production

November, 2022


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